Get your Jab ‘n Fab faces on!

Our UI guy had a great idea the other week.  It went something like this….. “Hey, what if you could have three profile pictures in Jabfab?  After all, having just one profile pic is so 2004!”

“What are you talking about????  That’s nuts!”  we said.

“Well, what if you could upload a Jab face and a Fab face, to go with your postings on Jabfab?   Then when you Jab something, people can see your angry mug?  And when you Fab stuff we can see how chipper you are? !!!!  A Jabfab Avatar if you will.  Dare we say it,…. your JABATAR and FABATAR!!!!”

[very short pause]…….

“Ahahaha HAHAHAHHA ahahahah AHHAHAHA!!!!!  Genius!!!!!!!”

And so the Jabatar and Fabatar were born!

You’ll see them in the web app in the next few days for those of you in the private beta group, and then by the early May the world will appreciate the fun, as we go full teething Beta – in both mobile and web.  Heck, we might even let you throw up your Jabatar or Fabatar on your Facebook wall.  Watch this space! ;)

About Jabfab

JABFAB is the instant feedback platform, where honest people share how they really feel - about anything. Get JABFAB @ or the AppStore!

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