101 Uses for Jabfab – #8: Something To Talk About

So you’re sitting there having brunch with your future in-laws, and all the usual topics of conversation are already exhausted.  You’ve skillfully dodged the babies questions, and the two year unexplained gap in your resume.  And just as you were about to show your independence by asking for the check, your fiancée heads off to the bathroom, leaving you all alone with Gerald and Maud.

As the uncomfortable silence descends upon you, thank GOODNESS you had earlier set your topic feed on Jabfab to filter only the topics listed under ‘Weird & Wonderful’.  Yes, with our help, you can impress and amaze your folks-to-be with your expansive knowledge of the Snake that Looks like a Penis, the fact that spiders like to chase lasers jut like cats do, and how they could not possibly have lived another minute on this planet without hearing of the spectacular Chinese gentleman who can slice vegetables by throwing playing cards at them.

And as you end the evening by helping your future mom-in-law into a gaudy land yacht, retrieved by an over eager valet boy, nothing could be more appropriate than enlightening her to the man named Jackmeoff Mudd who was recently arrested in Florida.

It’s OK, you can thank us later.


About Jabfab

JABFAB is the instant feedback platform, where honest people share how they really feel - about anything. Get JABFAB @ http://www.jabfab.com or the AppStore!

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