Did we forget to mention?

It occurred to us that, with all the London Olympics hoopla and Jab Fabbing, we may have forgotten to mention to you that there were a few new features added to our Web app in the last few weeks in a couple of tuck-in releases.  How rude of us!

Since it wasn’t a major release, and we might have been too busy watching the season premier of Hotel Hell, we didn’t want to put out a whole release notes post.  However, here’s a couple (or 3) key new things you can do in the Web App that you might have missed:

  • Anywhere you see a user’s name in the app you can now click on it to view their ‘Public Profile’, what they are up to, their reach, influence and more.  (In a few more weeks you can follow people as well as topics
  • Oh, and connected to this….you can now see who’s following a topic and then snoop around on their public profiles, trying to see what makes them tick.  Just click on the 4th tab (with the tiny peeps icon) we added to every topic page and you’ll see all the followers
  • And finally…..the home page topic feed is now set to recent when you log in, even if browsing the web app anonymously, so you can see what’s occurin’ without any clicks – then just tweak it by category and time period to see what the mood of the masses is today


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