101 Uses for Jabfab – #9: Businesses – Turn unhappy customers into loyal repeat visitors with FREE social feedback alerts from Jabfab

It’s been said many times before – consumers really are a fickle bunch of human beings.   One day we like something, the next day we’re SO over it.    And it doesn’t take much to turn us off, especially when there are countless choices and alternatives for just about everything we purchase or experience in our daily lives.  Yes, it’s a lot easier to lose customers than to win them over, and if they leave you today they may never return.   So, to do our part in helping you listen and adapt to unhappy customers, Jabfab has implemented a frighteningly simple-to-use toolkit for heading unhappiness off at the pass.  

This is particularly relevant to service-oriented businesses that have an opportunity to make things right whilst the customer is still with you, still on your premises and available to be won back.  Let’s give you an example of what we mean by this, by using our favorite fictitious business you can find in our Jabfab for Business video.

Zoey, the owner of Crazy Cupcakes is so committed to customer service and customer loyalty that she has decided to create a Jabfab Topic Page for her brand and each of her store locations.  She knows that consumers can send her positive and negative feedback in real-time from their mobile device using Jabfab, and that all of these sentiments will land on her Jabfab topic pages.   Zoey also knows that Jabfab lets her put exception-based alerts on all of her Jabfab topic pages for her stores – alerts that can be set to tell her when a customer is unhappy and has Jabbed her service or products, or is happy and has Fabbed her business.  The thing that excites Zoey most is her ability to set these alerts to trigger in real-time, right as the customers post them via Jabfab.  This gives her a defense mechanism to react quickly and engage the customer in 1-to-1 customer service and marketing immediately after the negative experience has taken place – in the moment it happens.

Jabfab gives her real-time customer satisfaction intelligence that enables her to go the extra mile and make it right.  Perhaps she’ll message the customer back via Jabfab (yes she can do that) and offer them a free box of Red velvet cupcakes to make up for their poor experience.   Perhaps she can tell from their username and sentiments exactly who they are and can visit them whilst they are still sitting at the table from which they reported their dissatisfaction, to offer a sincere apology and with a coupon they can use to save money on their next visit – Jabfab provides this opportunity for real-time customer service.

Did we mention that this mechanism takes less than 5 minutes, in 3 simple steps, to set up for a small business like Crazy Cupcakes?  Let’s show you how Zoey implemented this:

1)      Sign up/in to Jabfab via our web app at www.jabfab.com – should take 60 seconds or less.  Once you’re in, on the horizontal menu bar, click on TOPICS > CREATE/EDIT TOPICS, to create  topic page(s) for your business

2)      Create your business’ topic page(s) – Enter your topic name – e.g. your Brand or Business Location (e.g. Dave’s B&B – Boulder, CO) then optionally add a photo or graphic of your choice, categorize it so people can find it easily on our mobile app, embellish it with any additional information and then click SAVE at the bottom of the page.  That’s it’ you just created a social feedback topic page for your business!

3)      Now all you need to do is follow your own topic and decide upon what types of alerts you’d like to receive whenever a customer delivers negative or positive feedback to you via Jabfab.  To do this, click the FOLLOW link on the horizontal menu bar.  On the left side of the page you’ll see the global registry of all topics that people are talking about on Jabfab.  Filter this list to find the topic you just created for our business – then simply click the Follow button next to your topic.  This will move it to the right side of the page, along with any other topics you may be following*.  Once you’ve done this, you will be able to mouse over your topic to set the type of alerts you’d like – e.g. Only negative feedback (Jabs), Only positive feedback (Fabs) or both types of feedback (Jabs – Fabs).  You’ll also have the option of choosing between Instant real-time alerts, Daily, Weekly or Monthly summaries.  Each of these settings, when set, will ensure that you get an email from jabfab, containing the consumer’s comments and how unhappy/happy they are.

(*Note: if it hasn’t dawned on you already, yes you can follow the topics about your competition too)

How do you get customers/consumers to provide this feedback on your service or products?  Simple – engage them by letting them know you’re open to this feedback.  Here’s a few simple ways to do this that cost nothing for you to implement, yet make you stand out from the rest, in how socially transparent and committed to customer loyalty you are.

  • Announce to your customers via Facebook that you have new ways for them to hare their feedback and satisfaction with your business, just by using the Jabfab mobile app on their iPhones, or by visiting www.jabfab.com.  We put a Facebook icon on your topic page for you to do this with a single click.
  • Tweet the same thing to your followers.  We put a twitter icon on your Jabfab topic page to do this with a single click.
  • Use the free QR codes we put on your topic page under the tab called “The Bait” with the fish icon, to get QR codes you can put on your tables, counters, menus, packaging and signage.  The QR codes enable you to engage customer by inviting them to Jab or Fab their experiences with your brand and service.  It tells them you care and that you’re committed to their business, and all they have to do is scan the QR code from the free Jabfab mobile app (or any 3rd party scanner) to be taken to your Jabfab topic page where they can deliver feedback to you – in the moment they are experiencing your business.

Give it a whirl and tell us what you think – to help you visualize it, here’s a short video you can watch, that shows how easy all this is.   We hope it helps you stand out, and thanks for using Jabfab.

About Jabfab

JABFAB is the instant feedback platform, where honest people share how they really feel - about anything. Get JABFAB @ http://www.jabfab.com or the AppStore!

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