Killer New Social Features Released to JF WebApp – iOS ones coming next…

Hey guys! – Check out the Jabfab Web app this week. We just slotted in a nice little update release over to production. You can now follow PEOPLE (other users) as well as the Topics you Jab, Fab and Follow. Everyone has a publicly visible profile (just click on their usernames) and you can see what they are Jabbing and Fabbing and a lot more. You can also now toggle your feed between a view of just topics, or topics by the people (users) you follow.

Play around with it and let us know if you like, AND if there’s anything you’d Jab and want u to fix or make better. The same features should be coming soon to the Jabfab iOS app. We’ll keep you posted. iOS6 is upon us and iPhone5 out today – check out your reach on the new Apple maps (assuming your city is on there! hehehh)

About Jabfab

JABFAB is the instant feedback platform, where honest people share how they really feel - about anything. Get JABFAB @ or the AppStore!

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