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Is it 2014 Already?

Two weeks into 2014 and we have been too busy focusing on our latest product development work to be polite and wish all of our community a most healthy twenny-fourteen.  Tsk!  Slapped wrists, #facepalm.

Happy belated 2014 folks.  Wouldn’t it be great if we only had to Fab things around us this year.  Oh but alas,…… there’s already plenty to Jab thus far.    :)

Check out the new Topic Page layout on the Jabfab web app!

You asked, we delivered.  Bigger images, an interactive map with sentiment distribution, Net Jabfab score, a more usable layout with shiny new buttons, and all that malarkey.  Enjoy! – Here’s a sample Topic to check out, and screenshot below.



Fabbest viral social marketing campaign this year goes to…

There’s no contest this year for the most FAB social marketing campaign.  The clear winner is this masterpiece of marketing behind the remake of the Stephen King Carrie movie – Click here to check it out and rate it for yourself.

Sharing topics just got easier, and more…

Howdy Jabfabbers, just a little feature flash on a Hump Day morning.

A few key features were added to our web app in the last few days, that you should definitely check out.

* Sharing – Firstly, we updated the sharing widget on all topics.  In addition to sending public topics to Facebook and Twitter, for more feedback, we also just added an automatic email share option in the share menu.  Now you can simply add an email address, or paste as many as you like (separated by commas) into the window and share to your heart’s content.

* Private Topics – we added a neat feature that lets YOU decide whether your private topics should display photos or not.   Previously the photos were also private.  Now it’s flexible, and makes it all the easier to present visual concepts and images that you want feedback on, yet keep the feedback itself for your eyes only.

* Navigation – Finally, you’ll also notice a few usability improvements, designed to help you choose how to navigate, when rating topics in Jabfab.  In particular, on the Feed, Jabfab 100 Charts and Topic Lists.

Oh, and we updated the website too (screenshot below).  Enjoy!


Print, Scan & Rate – Check out the new Jabfab Topic Lists!

Hey business owners and party people!  We just upgraded our Jabfab lists feature to include scannable QR codes next to each topic on your Jabfab Topic Lists.  Even better, you can now download and print out your topic lists, to create rating ‘menus’ for anyone.

Having a wine tasting party, talent show or other similar event?  Just create a topic list for your occasion, print it out and give your guests or audience.  Now they can simply scan the QR code next to each item in the list and rate it.  You get to see the trends, the most fabbed, most jabbed and all the other buzz in real-time on the List’s trending page – in real-time.

Businesses, get ready for micro-feedback in any part of your operation.  These lists can be private as well as public.  Here’s a quick screenshot from a topic list we created earlier, to show you the new gizmos we just added.


Check out your all new profile on Jabfab’s web app!

Hola!   A few little user interface updates to the profile were sneaked in last weekend, in case you didn’t notice.  Checkout the simpler, clearer lines and the way you can also stalk your fellow Jabfabbers’ topics and lists.  Cheers….Team JF.


New Jabfab video, and how to use the topic lists feature explained…

As a follow up from our earlier post, here’s a video to show you our latest web app features and how a topic list is created on the fly – for fun or for your business…

Jabfab intern of the week…

naomiA quick Jabfab shout out to our newest summer helper, Naomi Jean Camacho.

Naomi joins us from the great NYC, and is a pop culture enthusiast with a concentration in boy bands and Netflix. Right now she’s testing out our shiny app, our user experience and playing with the new Lists features that came out last week,….we hope.

If you like the topics she’s sharing on Jabfab, then go ahead and follow her.  She knows a bit about 1D, has a killer blog of her own, and tweets it from @naomisaracen.

Thanks for being part of the Jafab journey Naomi! just got a new nav menu and some snazzy Hashtag upgrades

Hello friends!  Just a quickie today, to let you know that we rolled out a sweet little release last night into the web application.  Here’s the key features you need to know about:

  • The main navigation menu got a full makeover and there’s no longer any cryptic icons.  It’s all text.  Now you know exactly how to Create (topics and lists), view the Feed (of topics and lists), and for all your Topics (how to Edit them and Manage your Topic Lists).
  • Speaking of your Topic Lists, you can now tag your Public Lists with Hashtags, so that they can be found super easily when you are browsing Feed > List Feed.

There’s a few other little elements of subtle genius tucked away in this release for you to find, but there’s no need to bore you with a long soliloquy.  Until next time,…..happy Jab Fabbing!

Jabfab Topic Lists are here (and they are going to revolutionize how we rate stuff) !

Hey there JabFabbers!  Boy do we have a really great new feature release to tell you about!

Now you can organize any topics you like into a list or collection of topics.  Your Jabfab Lists can be about absolutely anything you like.  They could be your Fave Top 10 Sexy Bikinis for 2013, or all your favorite wines from a tasting excursion to Joseph Phelps Vineyards, or perhaps you want to put your top 10 most iconic 80s movies out there and see if the world (or just your friends) agree.

For businesses this is just as…..(or, dare we say it, MORE..) exciting that ever!  Now you can create public OR private Jabfab Topic Lists to keep track of anything you like.  We’ll do a special separate blog feature for the business applications of this.  For now, let’s just show you how easy it is to create a Topic List.

For example, Abbie is holding a private wine tasting party for her friends and she want’s to give them a hip and cool way to rate the wines on their cell phones…here’s how she could do this on Jabfab in 5 minutes:

1. Sign In to Jabfab and click on the Topic Lists menu item from the T (Topics) menu on the top navigation bar.

2. This is the page where you can create and manage all your Jabfab Topic Lists.  To create a topic list, all you have to do is click on the box here:


3. Now you can enter all the details about the Jabfab Topic List you’re creating – just like this below.  You can decide here if you want your list to be Private (only for you and your invitees) or Public (for the world to see).


4. After you save your Topic List info, you can start adding topics to your list that you want people to rate.  Simply begin typing each topic name in the text box, and if the topics already exist on Jabfab you can add them very quickly, by hitting the green + button, to add them to your List:

lists35. If the topic(s) you are trying to add to your list do not already exist in Jabfab, then you can create them on the fly.   Just add the topic details in the box provided.  E.g. …. here our party host, Abbie, added a new wine topic, a photo and description etc.  When saving the topic details, the new topic is added to the Jabfab directory and is instantly inserted into your List… (see the 2 screens below as an example).


6. Here’s what the topic looks like when added to your list.  You can always remove it from the list if you made a mistake, by clicking the red X next to it.  If you want to edit the topic details again, just click on its name and Edit.   OK so here’s the cool part coming up next…


7.  …..After you’re done adding all of the topics to your collection, you can immediately share the list with your friends, or anyone you choose.  If it’s a private list you can email it.  If public we will soon be letting you push the list to your social ‘graph’ on Facebook and Twitter, to see how your entire social network would rate the list. 

And if you’re really creative, you can even use the free QR codes that come with every Jabfab topic, to make a tasting menu that’s scannable with a mobile phone, like an iPhone or Android phone.  To get the QR code for the topic, simply click on it’s name in the list (shown here in 2.) and you’ll be taken to the topic page where you can grab the QR code….. (more on how to do this below)…


8.  When you get to an individual topic’s page, just click on the little Fish icon (“The Bait”) and you’ll see that the topic has 3 different types of scannable QR codes you can use.  One to get people to Jab the topic, one to get people to Fab it, and one to make people choose whether or not they want to Jab or Fab the topic they are ratingand this is the one we want to use for our wine tasting test !   Here’s a screenshot below to show you what we mean:

lists 8

9.  All you need to do to grab the QR code and use it is to click on it (example shown above) and save it to your computer.  Then you can print it out or copy and paste it into your own custom document.  For example, Abbie could be making a cool looking wine tasting menu in Word or PowerPoint and just paste this QR code into it.  Or even better – just put the QR code on the wine bottles directly, so the guests can scan each bottle to rate them.  

Jabfab’s iOS App comes with a built in QR code scanner, so if her guests get the Jabfab App, they can all rate the wines instantly on the fly,…..just like this……


…and if Abbie’s guests don’t have an iPhone to use our native app, they can scan the QR code from any 3rd party QR/Barcode scanner App on any type of smart phone to rate the wines.   Jabfab QR codes work on any kind of QR code scanner!

10.  And finally…… the beauty of our new topic lists is the ability to see the overall trends of how people are rating the topics on the list.  All you have to do is click on the View Trends button on the topic list, to see the overall Jabfab Net score, which is the Most Jabbed topic, Most Fabbed topic, which has the most buzz and, for public topics, which is the most followed.  Here’s a quick screen shot below to illustrate. 

In this case, a cool Irish Bar is using Jabfab Topic Lists to get customers to rate all the live bands that play there on nights and weekends:


We’re adding all kinds of tweaks and upgrades to this feature over the next few months, so please let us know if you have any pet peeves or would like to see us add a specific feature.  Just comment here, or using the handy feedback link in the app itself.  To create and manage Topic Lists, please use our web app at  Just sign in with your usual log in details, or via Facebook to start using them. 

Meantime, below are another 5 ideas for how you can use Jabfab Lists today for your own fun home projects or at your business.

Five More Ideas For How YOU can use Jabfab Topic Rating Lists:

#1 – Realtors, make a private Jabfab list of the houses you are taking a client to go and see and then get them to rate them all

#2 – Sports fans, make lists of your dream teams from today, yesteryear or all time.   Push them to friends to rate them too.

#3 – Make a list of the top 10 books you read that changed your life and share it with us all to see how we rate them

#4 – Holding an Open Mic Night?  Put every act into a Jabfab topic list and get the audience to rate them in real-time

#5 – Looking for feedback on your artwork?  Take a photo of each piece and turn it into a Jabfab Topic List – paste it into Facebook and let Mark Zuckerburg do the rest!

There’s literally a million different ways to use our new Jabfab Topic Lists for rating and closed-loop private feedback.  Get busy!


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